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Bunny Punk is a project that is KYC registered on Elastos Smart Chain and the founders has been part of the community for many years.

The premier Bunny collection completely sold out, and the floor price has steadily risen towards the top of the leading Elastos marketplace and second for volume on ElaCity

Some projects have optimistic roadmaps, but we storm through ours swiftly. It's a living roadmap where we are always asking "what can we add next?"

Alain Man

Founder/Operations Lead

Alain has been running his own business since 2014. Always seeking potential in people, he is holistically interested in his associates beyond the jobs they do, ensuring that human resources are aligned with the outcomes laid out.Curiosity for innovation, and the human connections possible in Web3, drove Alain to the community spirit within Elastos in 2017. Finding like-minded friends and colleagues in the years afterwards, he is proud to be a founder of BunnyPunk and is excited for the future.

Enes Balci

Founder/Lead developer

Since entering the Web3 and crypto world in 2019, Enes has gathered development proficiency across different blockchains. Alongside his VR/AR implementation background, he has integrated smart contracts into the front-end of dApps and enjoys designing intuitive and eye-catching UIs to enhance the user experience.As a founder/Lead developer of the BunnyPunk NFT project he has successfully built a community, facilitated numerous engagement events, secured funding through DAO opportunities, and the project is now a leading light on Elastos.


Co-founder/Head of content

One of the co-founders, and head of content at Bunnypunk. Entering the crypto space back in 2017, he was immediately fascinated by the innovative facets of Web3.His professional background includes Corporate Recruitment and he also serves as a Talent Development Advisor.Beyond his interest in blockchain, Web3 and NFTs, Sam finds himself drawn to history. Now sitting astride the future of the internet and digital asset management, the changes unravelling are hard to ignore.Life motto: Keep it simple

Greg (FoxFortyTwo)


A crypto advocate since 2017, now specializing in Web3 and DeFi, Greg has a postgraduate education degree, a teaching career, and entrepreneurial experience. These have furnished him with communication and soft-skills which he applies to business development, protocol consultancy, social media, and content writing. He believes words shape and guide understanding; spoken or written.