Mint on



Launch multimedia pages on social platforms

Launch website at

Announce mint details (price & blockchain network)

Announce phase 1 utilities

Schedule drop on Ela.City

Schedule drop on

Minting on 5th Feb, 12:00 PM EST


Community contests - all contest winners receive prizes.

Opening of the Bunny Punk launchpad for new innovative NFT projects

Releasing Alpha Bunny Punk chat ( - members will have exclusive access to special guest invites (only accessible with Bunny Punk NFTs)


Sponsor Tiktok influencers to craft viral Bunny Punk content

Leverage Twitter to drive engagement and community growth


Open public mint on

Launch on marketplace

Launch on marketplace

Reveal bunnies after 35% of the collection is minted or one week after launch! meanwhile, the 5% rewards program has already started from the first mint.

Reward program activated, 5% of each mint is distributed to fellow Bunny Punk NFT holders. This means the sooner you are added to the list, the more likely you are to receive 5% of each mint. We will continue to pay out on each mint until 1000 mints are reached.We will pay out a total of 1500 ELA (at current prices: $9,000) during the minting period.

The Ultimate Gift, 100% sold out? ONE random Bunny Punk NFT holder address from the gift list will be selected to receive 10% of the entire contract's balance if the collection sells out in 15 days of launch. (3000 ELA will be paid out to ONE PERSON, equals current price: $18,000)


First snapshot $BUN V1 > V2 migration started on March 14

Second snapshot $BUN V1 > V2 migration end on March 18

Migration #BUN V1 > V2 completed on March 18

$BUN V2 token launch March 18 on


Bunny Punk NFT staking

Staking pairs added

Launch of NFT staking "Bunny Hop"

Launch of yield farming "Bunny Hop"


Liquidity allocation for the special pools


Airdrops for NFT Holders

Staking rewards and boosts

Bunny Punk Alpha chat on

Increasing floor price

Exclusive access to new cross-chain bridging dApp


NFT cross-chain bridge (starting with FUSION (FSN))