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Gain access to the NFT staking ACTIVATED

We've added the ability for Bunny Punk NFT collectors to stake them and receive rewards ($BUNNY).

Stake your Bunny Punk NFTs & earn.

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Yield farming LAUNCH SOON

Yield farming for $ELA - $BUNNY pairs, $BUNNY rewards

NFT Cross-chain bridge to and non EVM chains

To be most effective as an ecosystem there has to be a cross-chain interoperability in tokens and NFTs. Gradually, the NFT’s will mature and we believe that over time more will realize the importance of NFTs. They can be used in the music industry, ticketing, game industry and many more. We have to implement the needed functionality of the bridge now and not wait until we miss the boat. Our cross-chain bridge will use a mint-and-burn protocol to preserve the integrity, scarcity and ownership of the original asset. When the NFT leaves one blockchain, it is burned or locked, and an equivalent NFT is minted on the target blockchain. Conversely, when the NFT bridges back to its original network, the “wrapped” NFT is burned or locked. All NFT assets will be able to bridge to other chains and back again. The bridge will be accessed through a Web3 via Walletconnect and Elastos Essentials Wallet through the website

Both individual NFT assets or collections can be moved cross-chain and this service will be facilitated by the $BUNNY token. Each transfer made on the cross-chain bridge will burn an amount of $BUNNY tokens instantly. As the value of the token varies, the bridge fee will adjust accordingly. Reports of the burned $BUNNY tokens will be provided quarterly

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